SPA Technique
  • 3lb EXTREME

    Replace your old, toxic halon systems with a NEW 3lb SPA Extreme® system. 3M" Novec" 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.
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  • Fire Test Videos

    Check out the SPA TECHNIQUE YouTube page
    for videos of various SPA fire system tests.


SPA TECHNIQUE is proud to offer a new line of dual gauges. The Signature Series line of dual gauges brings a high definition LCD display and programmable text for each channel. SPA has added to the long standing list of functions available in our standard DG series of dual gauges, including your choice of 1 of 7 color back light option. CLICK HERE for more information on these quality instruments.

SPA Dynometers

The latest evolution of the SPA Portable Damper Dynamometers are the result of continuous development. Our primary objective at SPA has always been to meet the demands of the shock development engineers themselves.

The SPA dynamometers are used by racing teams world-wide; Formula One, PPG Indy car, NASCAR, Touring car, Motorcycling and many others.

All machines are totally made to the highest standards, and are subject to rigorous testing before release.

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