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The SPA integrated dash system has been designed to cover a wide variety of applications from OE manufacturers, competition vehicles, motorcycles, kit and custom cars.

The light-weight aluminium dash incorporates analogue speedo, tachometer, fuel gauge, 2 temperature readings, 2 pressure readings all within a space saving 200 x 100 x 40mm unit. Both the innovative colour changing tachometer needle and speedo are driven by smooth, silent stepper motors renowned for their high accuracy and stability.

To complete the dash system package we have incorporated an industry standard warning/information light cluster and an easy to read multi-function LCD display unit.

The dash system comes complete with sensors, wiring loom and a comprehensive user-friendly instruction manual. Available in 0-9000 or 0-12000 RPM scales.

These are some of the features of the SPA DASH

  • Stepper motor driven needle for tachometer and speedo
  • Quartz microprocessor accuracy
  • Changing colour tachometer needle with programmable shift points
  • External 3 stage shift light option
  • Blue backlit dials
  • Backlit LCD
  • Adjustable brightness on dials and LCD display for day and night use
  • Tachometer suitable for all ignition systems
  • Alarm system for sensors user programmable for pressure and temperature
  • Fuel level indication as a bar graph (standard level sensor) (sensor not included)
  • Multi segment tank calibration for non linear or unusual shaped tanks
  • 2 x temp channels
  • 2 x pressure channels
  • Odometer
  • Trip meter resettable
  • Peak recall facility for all parameters displayed

Dash System

D-100-12k SPA Dash Unit c/w harness and all sensors 0-12000 (6) More Info
D-100-9K SPA Dash Unit c/w harness and all sensors 0-9000 (6) More Info
D-100-9K/KPH SPA Dash Unit c/w harness and all sensors 0-9000/kph version (6) More Info