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  • Measure and store 12 temps quickly and easily on each screen.
  • Stores up to 20 screens of information.
  • Allocate different car numbers for each vehicle for fast and easy referencing.
  • Custom hand held probe with fast response times.
  • Switchable backlight for night use.
  • Temperature switchable between ° C and ° F.

The SPA tyre temp gauge has been designed as compact light weight instrument that is packed with easy to use features.
All four tyres are graphically represented on screen with three readings shown for each tyre - outer, middle and inside edge.

Information displayed on screen correctly and analysed will reveal how the racecar is setup and the kind of changes the engineer will have to make to gain optimum performance from his tyres.

The screen is easily navigated using the button on the front panel, tyre temps are stored at the press of a button. All information is stored and can be referenced later if required.

This is an invaluable tool that all competitors would find advantageous in order to achieve that necessary competitive edge.

Tire Temperature Gauge

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