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SPA Design provides a wide array of tachometers that provide the user and operator with specific and highly accurate information. The comprehensive range includes 80mm diameter tachometers with integrated LCD digital displays.

The combined tachometers now come with an expanded range of digital readouts to offer even more choice and features packaged into this 80mm diameter instrument. Redesigned internally using the latest surface mount and microprocessor technology these highly robust tachometers feature needle colour changes with user programmable shift points and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

All tachometers have the following features as standard:

  • Fast and smooth stepper motor driven needle
  • Needle colour changes with user programmable shift points. BRAND NEW FEATURE
  • Blue or red backlighting PLEASE STATE WHEN ORDERING
  • Night and day programmable backlight brightness
  • New smaller depth ONLY 30MM and lightweight design 36% REDUCTION
  • Digital filtering for hassle free connection to any ignition system
  • Microprocessor accuracy
  • Built in digital tachometer
  • Built in Speedometer or gauge*
  • Internal 3 stage programmable shift light
  • External 3 stage shift light (optional)
  • Maximum recalls
  • Black or white dials
  • Suitable for 1-16 cylinder engines

All instruments include kits, which are fully inclusive of all sensors and wiring as well as comprehensive user manuals. If you have any questions about specific tachometers please dont hesitate to call one of our many customer service providers to help find the best instrument for you.

Tachometer and Boost Dual Gauges

SPC-B120 Tachometer Boost Gauge 0-12000 (4) More Info
SPC-B150 Tachometer Boost Gauge 0-15000 (4) More Info
SPC-B090 Tachometer Boost Gauge 0-9000 (4) More Info

Tachometer and Pressure Dual Gauges

SPC-P120 Tachometer Pressure Gauge 0-12000 (4) More Info
SPC-P150 Tachometer Pressure Gauge 0-15000 (4) More Info
SPC-P090 Tachometer Pressure Gauge 0-9000 (4) More Info

Tachometer and Speedometer Dual Gauges

SPC-S120 Tachometer Speedo Gauge 0-12000 (4) More Info
SPC-S150 Tachometer Speedo Gauge 0-15000 (4) More Info
SPC-S090 Tachometer Speedo Gauge 0-9000 (4) More Info

Tachometer and Temperature Dual Gauges

SPC-T120 Tachometer Temperature Gauge 0-12000 (4) More Info
SPC-T150 Tachometer Temperature Gauge 0-15000 (4) More Info
SPC-T090 Tachometer Temperature Gauge 0-9000 (4) More Info

Tachometer Gauges

SPT-120 Tachometer Gauge 0-12000 (4) More Info
SPT-150 Tachometer Gauge 0-15000 (4) More Info
SPT-090 Tachometer Gauge 0-9000 (4) More Info