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SPA provides a wide array of 52mm stepper motor driven analogue gauges, combining digital microprocessor accuracy to traditional needles, enabling the instrument ultimate accuracy with high stable needle movement.

The circular analogue gauges include the same features as the highly sought after digital gauges, enabling the user a programmable warning parameter visible through a high intensity brightness LED and a peak recall of maximum values.

Electronics and construction for the circular analogue gauges provide amazing stability and accuracy unsurpassed by any mechanical gauge enabling a wide range of uses from demanding Motorsport applications to Marine environments and even industrial machinery type applications.

Analogue Features Include:

  • Fast and smooth stepper motor giving stable needle performance
  • Available in BAR + PSI and in °C (Celsius) and °F (Farenheight)
  • Peak recall of maximum values
  • Fully user programmable warning light for low pressure or over temperature (according to model)
  • Black or white dial face
  • Red or blue illumination
  • Adjustable brightness for night or day illumination
  • Automatic needle parking when switched off
  • Kit includes sensor, wiring and full fitting instructions.

All circular analogue gauges include kits, which are fully inclusive of all sensors and wiring as well as comprehensive user manuals. If you have any questions about specific analogue gauges you are looking for please dont hesitate to call one of our many customer service providers to help find the best instrument for you.

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