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SPA Design provides a wide array of classic gauges that provide the user and operator with traditional looks infused with modern technology with specific and highly accurate information.

Gauges were designed with the classic and historic cars "in mind". The classic gauges are 52mm in diameter and the classic tachometers are 80mm in diameter, which are standard sizes for todays vehicles.

So far our gauges have had the pleasure of being used in Ferraris, Aston Martins, Morgans, Caterhams and Porsches to just name a few. They truly are a quality piece of equipment that can enable your vehicle to keep that classy look but provide you with modern technology.

All classic gauges include kits, which are fully inclusive of all sensors and wiring as well as comprehensive user manuals. If you have any questions about specific classic gauges and tachometers please dont hesitate to call one of our many customer service providers to help find the best instrument for you.

Classic Oil Pressure Gauges

OP-100-CL Classic Oil Pressure Gauge (14) More Info

Classic Oil Temperature Gauges

OT-150-CL Classic Oil Temperature Gauge (14) More Info

Classic Speedometers

CLS-160-C Classic Speedometer (14) More Info

Classic Tachometers

CLT-80-B Classic Tachometer (14) More Info
CLT-80-C Classic Tachometer (14) More Info
CLT-100-B Classic Tachometer (14) More Info
CLT-100-C Classic Tachometer (14) More Info
CLT-120-B Classic Tachometer (14) More Info
CLT-120-C Classic Tachometer (14) More Info

Classic Water Temperature Gauges

WT-120-CL Classic Water Temperature Gauge (14) More Info

Spare Parts

SPT-WL Spare Tacho Wiring Harness (14) More Info