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SPA Design's new intelligent Speedometer is the most accurate, small and lightweight speedo around. Packed full of features to suit professional or enthusiast at an incredible price. Buy SPA speedometer today and see the difference.

Speedometer Features include:

  • Acceleration timer
  • Standing 1/4 mile timer
  • Built in odometer
  • Built in trip meter
  • Maximum speed recall
  • Adjustable backlit lcd display
  • Adjustable low battery warning
  • Programmable button function.
  • Readout selectable for mph or kmh
  • Calibrates to any tyre circumference


SPD-111 Speedo Kit with std. magnetic sensor (10) More Info

Speedometer Spares

MPU-002 3x Spare Magnet for Speedo (10) More Info
HES-114 Spare Hall Effect Speed Sensor (10) More Info