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3-ST-SL - Three Stage Shift Light

SPA's 3 stage shift light system is a compact yet versatile piece of kit, not only does this measure RPM and is programmable for three shift points, it also features a logging capability for maximum RPM on each shift point for the time spent over the programmed parameter. For example your maximum shift point is 6500 RPM and you want to see if you exceed this parameter and for how long. You program your 3 engine logs for 6600, 6700 and 6800. When the engine RPM exceeds the programmed level, the time is accumulated and stored in 10ths of a second to a max of 1999 hours, useful as a driver aid and also for monitoring engine use. Comes compete with wiring harness and comprehensive installation manual.

3-ST-SL Three Stage Shift Light $294.00

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