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Turbo Boost and Temperature Gauge

DG 206  Turbo Boost and Temperature Gauge

SPA's turbo boost pressure temperature gauge has been designed with many and varied applications in mind from performance cars, motorcycles, planes, boats and even machinery. They have a choice of backlit illumination either user switchable red or green or blue only.

This turbo boost pressure dual gauge represents one of the most accurate boost pressure monitoring devices available. High resolution mode allows 1/10 of 1 psi resolution, user programmable alarm conditions for any application and peak recall of maximum values. The temp channel can monitor ambient air temps, oil or water temperatures. Alternatively by using the thermocouple options available the gauge can be setup to monitor accurately intake and charge temperatures.
Kit is fully inclusive of all sensors and wiring as well as comprehensive user manual.

Turbo Boost and Temperature Gauge
DG 206 Turbo Boost and Temperature Gauge
$ 346.75

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DG 206 Turbo Boost and Temperature Gauge buy Turbo Boost and Temperature Gauge

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